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We use advanced resources of R&D and complete equipment segments in CNBM Group to develop the domestic leading coating line which can produce solar heating film, Low-E coated glass of single/double/triple silver layers and AR glass. We provide multi-functional coating lines of world leading standard with a more optimized configuration and reasonable price to meet the different requirements of clients.

Performance data:
1. Max. Substrate size: 2540×3660mm
2. Thickness:5~12mm
3. Cycle time:60s
4. Annual output: 3,000,000 m2

CNBM(Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    Production sales: zhang clouds electricity words: 0832-5632221 5632388
Address: Zizhong Industrial Park, Zizhong County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, China. Fax:0832-5632230
    Tech support: DAL
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