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The logo of CNBM is made up of some concentric and central symmetrical geometric patterns, which is firm and powerful. The inner octagon composed by tow squares and the outer octagon form an integral whole. It embodies the control, influence and driving force of central enterprises; on the other hand, it implies the concept of " four dimensional and four directions" and "eight directions", reflecting the main growth mode of the company: consolidation and reorganization. It represents the core philosophy of "Making best use of resources to serve construction", and reflects trend of rapid development and growth of enterprise.

Core Concept: Making Best Use of Resources to Serve Construction.

Core Value: Innovation, Performance, Harmony, Responsibility.

CNBM(Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    Production sales: zhang clouds electricity words: 0832-5632221 5632388
Address: Zizhong Industrial Park, Zizhong County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, China. Fax:0832-5632230
    Tech support: DAL
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