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Located in Zizhong County, Sichuan Province, CNBM (Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is a co-investment high-tech enterprise of China National Building Materials Group Corporation, a central state-owned enterprise, and focuses on R&D, produce, manufacture, deep processing of materials surface modification techniques and equipment. We have been concentrating on building an innovation-oriented, resource-conserving, environment-friendly and social responsible enterprise with supports form key state-level laboratories of China Building Materials Academy and been endeavoring to fulfill our political, social and economic responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise. Meanwhile, we will strive to become an industrial-leading enterprise, and to achieve a sustainable development.

Service Fields
  • R&D on Materials Surface Modification Techniques
  • Integrated Service of Multi-Functional Coating Line 

CNBM(Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    Production sales: zhang clouds electricity words: 0832-5632221 5632388
Address: Zizhong Industrial Park, Zizhong County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, China. Fax:0832-5632230
    Tech support: DAL
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